The City Beautiful

Curiosity, stillness and impatience.
A new era has just begun, literally – a few moments ago, right down the street.
Reflecting, reminiscing and enjoying the last moments, “Oh my, they’re so precious.” The moments I mean. The last ?
There is now a requirement for care and guidance. It requires stability and a well mental state of being.You need patience or you might just lose it.
Comfortability, courage, braveness and love, “Hopefully” is what’s causing the world to move, I around .
A mistake might have been made but there is no regret.
Look! That was reality before.
There is calmness and life all around. My! Isn’t this a beautiful life to live?
There is so much art involved. There is color, sound and …
There is a meaning behind all of these things and why they exist.

I want to know, why?



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