Dear my fellow young Adults,

This is an introductory phase to the Young Adults brand.


I come before you on this precious day. I want to start by telling you that you should continue reading this post because you might get something great out of it rather than just scrolling down facebook with no specific intent.
Today is a very historic day, The U.S. will be undergoing its final transition phase and President Trump will take over…Please keep reading! The focus of this post isn’t  politics – I promise!
The place(The Bahamas), I call my home is undergoing an electrifying pre-election season and things are heating up. Who will be in charge of the ‘242’ for the next five years?

I write to you on the 20th day in the year 2017, because I care about you and the person that you are. I am not and will not be affected directly by the decisions you make or the opinions you possess – but I know that as a fellow human being, it is my mandate to assist you in the best way that I can. As you can see, I am not rich, so I can’t write you a check – for school or those expensive textbooks. Yeah, I know! Sharing my thoughts with you is the best that I can do.

I realized that as the year 2016 came to an end there were many individuals saying that 2017 will be their year and how they were going to leave the things, people and drama behind as the New Year came about. What adjustments have you started considering to make this come to light?

If you did or didn’t, It is not my responsibility to judge or critic you because I don’t pay your bills.  Although you don’t need my applause to know that you are a wonderful and aspiring young person – I still want to congratulate you on the effort you’ve been making so far – if any. But if you didn’t, please consider doing so as soon as you can. It will give you the ability to “free” yourself of all of the unnecessary things that might be taking up your time – it is precious and cannot be reversed, exchanged, translated or recovered. Make the most out of it! You know what the things are, you know what people I am referring to and you know what places I’m talking about. Unless you’re getting something “good” from it or them – something positive and not against your morals, I mean – let it or them go.

I hope that my fellow young Bahamians get out and register to vote. To the young American people, as you experience this new shift in your country – what shifts are you going to make so that you can uphold its laws and history. The party or person in power shouldn’t determine that for you – I hope. …and no, I am not PLP, FNM, neither DNA nor Republican or a Democrat.

It is not politics that’s going to determine your fate or the ability that you know you possess. The opportunity that you’re waiting on won’t come unless you go and take it head on because the groups I mentioned above won’t be the one to do that for you. People will not always be there to ‘always’ cheer you on and be on the sidelines all the time. Mom and Dad either. You will, though – so, What will you do?

Thank you for your time.

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