My beloved Bahamas


I remember playing in the streets of Pine Dale in Eight Mile Rock (A community that is on the outskirts of the City of Freeport on the Island of Grand Bahama – The Bahamas) – from sunrise until sunset. The plan and goal were to get home before the lights came on or before I hear the phrase ‘Johnnie coming’ or ‘Gade, Fre Jonathan ap vini.’ Only a very few but many know what I’m talking about.

Growing up in the Bahamas, I have experienced my fair share of what it means to encounter the interesting phases that were associated with that experience. Living on an Island made it easier for people to find out who I was when I did something wrong – I was a good kid. The island life for me when I was growing up was the true definition of “a village raising a child.” It did raise this young man very well and thanks to all of you and tell your parents Thank you too. The people I am referring to know who they are.
Although I lived on an Island, it felt as though that I lived in a HUGE country when I had to move to another neighborhood ‘literally’ 3 minutes away called, Hanna Hill ‘aka’ Suzie Corner. The feeling was huge because the people I grew up around weren’t next door anymore. My childhood best friend(s) who I saw and played with every day – weren’t around no more, friendships dismantled as a result. Getting accustomed to this new and busy neighborhood was a joke compared to when I had to adapt to another country’s culture, its history and laws. It has been a fun and meaningful ride so far. I’m confident that the rest of it will be impactful too.

I had the privilege of completing my Primary School education at one of the best Primary Schools on the Island – more like the nation itself. Bartlett Hill was one of the most vibrant and interesting Primary Schools. Being given the opportunity to complete my High School education in America was always a dream of mine and it came through. The thought of a College degree didn’t seem very clear for a little boy roaming the wonderful shores of a great country but it became a reality once an opportunity presented itself. I’m known for seeking and executing each and every opportunity that I see potential in.

Many wonder sometimes, what is it that has caused me to be the ‘humble’ young man that I am today? The way people describe me and my demeanor are considered fair most of the times and “very” inaccurate sometimes too, but I can’t control your thoughts.
When a person loses their parents, it transforms their perspective on life. It doesn’t matter how young or old they are nor those it matters if they have another parent or step-parent. A parent to a child is like, butter to bread – the two of them would prefer to be connected to each other so that the can work well together. My mother and father were the two slices of bread, I – the butter.
When a child witnesses death at a young age, things can usually take a 360-degree turn in their life as a result. It was more like a 360-degree x10 for me.  This experience has been the one that has shaped and molded me into the person that I am today. It made me realize how precious life is. It gave me the opportunity to love and meet some people that I probably would’ve never met. It has caused me to love my stepmother even better, my brothers and sisters – the same way too. I’m very grateful for the people that took risks with me. I want to encourage and motivate you to love and appreciate your parent(s). It is always great when you take time out to talk to them and pull wisdom from their minds, please don’t let them leave with all that wisdom

This article/post has been one of my ‘personal’ best. This is the first one where I actually gave an in-depth scope to my life.
It is my intent to give you an opportunity to see life through my lenses. ‘I have lenses for real.’ ‘No, like for real…the eye doctor tell me say I have to wear glasses – he mix up aye?’


P.S. the Bahamas is and will forever be my home no matter what. The sound of the waves busting the limestone rocks is one that I enjoyed so much. The sight of the clear blue seas made me fall in love with the beautiful beaches. The fresh conch salad and crack conch was and still is a genuine cuisine that I would eat anytime, anywhere with anyone.

Like Buddy say, “242 to da world.”


2 thoughts on “My beloved Bahamas”

  1. Hey Joel,
    I love your post! I too thought my hometown of Caguas was my world, until I was given the opportunity to see beyond my island life, to find a future in America. I agree with you, I may not have lost my parents but I almost lost my father and spending time with him and my mom is something I appreaciate more now than I ever did before. I look foward to reading more of your posts!

    JM 😊

    Liked by 1 person

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