I SPEAK Creole, NOT Haitian!

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The true meaning behind the history of a nation can only be shared by the folks who were actually affected by it directly but there is only so much I can share since the impact isn’t as significant as supposed to others.
I was born to a Haitian immigrant and a Bahamian of Haitian Decent. I’ve always been confined to and raised within and by the standards and beliefs of my ancestors. I was brought up in a culture that holds so many richness like every other culture too. I was disciplined under and by a Haitian household standard. Like many other Bahamians, Americans etc of Haitian decent, I was teased and taunted too.
The history of Haiti is long, significant and authentic. There are rumors, lies, unconfirmed speculations and a lack of knowledge that seems to degrade its TRUE meaning.
Haiti have been facing economic challenges in many of its parts. The country’s value has been oppressed and contested. Even though that island nation in the Caribbean has had to deal with natural disasters, alleged political abuse, economic instability and high cases of health situations and mortality rates, it has still did it’s best to stand strong and hold firm to it’s belief, meaning and authenticity.
An estimated amount of at-least 500 Haitians take dangerous and risky trips to other nations illegally to sought a better and more sustainable life. The Bahamas is usually the country that ends up with a lot each year. The U.S. and many other countries sees an influx of migrants too.
As Haiti continues its rebuilding efforts and tries to bring back its economy to a reasonable state with a new government, I would sincerely hope that my home country of The Bahamas, The U.S.,  Canada, Brazil and other nations alike, give the citizens of my ancestral nation a chance to possibly live a better life in their country even if its temporarily.  In the U.S. is currently, a lot of Haitians are waiting desperately to see what President Trump’s advice would be to DHS as far as the TPS program is concerned. The Temporary Protected Status Program was launched to assist Haiti with its relief efforts as a result of the devastating Earthquake that took place a few years ago.
In the Bahamas, Haitians of Bahamian decent wait anxiously to see what the new governing party might suggest as it relates to the hundreds of Haitians that currently reside there legally or illegally and children who were born in that island nation to Haitian Parent(s).
I’m hoping though that the new government that was elected in the Bahamas, implement some sort of reasonable program or plan to aid my Haitian brothers and sisters. I seriously hope and wish that they have sympathy for the children who were not in control of their lives and where they were born and the choices of their Parent(s).

As activities, celebrations and events continues throughout the streets and cities, I hope you know that these are a set of individuals who are celebrating their Freedom, Courage and Bravery. In the U.S., there are events that takes place to celebrate and commemorate the Bahamian culture. In the Bahamas, the American way of life and independence is celebrated too. What about Haiti? The thought of “Haitians taking over the country” is complex and unrealistic.

De kat de nan mond lan!


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