Don’t forget to treat yourself.

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It is pretty obvious that we plan diligently for our graduation party weeks or even months in advance. It is not until a team win a championship when they’re given the opportunity to go out to some wonderful venue that they’ve never got a chance to go to before winning the ‘championship’. For those of us who are still pursuing our studies, think about those days when you have a whole lot of assignments due and you’ve already made up in your mind that you won’t take a break until you’re done. If you really think about it, as college students –  are we ever done with assignments?

Every time treat gift ourselves by going out to see a movie or grabbing a Redbox from around the corner, we remind ourselves that we still love and appreciate the person that we are. We give ourselves the opportunity to build our own confidence and excitement. Most importantly, we show ourselves that each and every step is just as important as the destination because if you can’t successfully complete the task at hand, mastering the journey won’t be possible.

It is always important for us to take time out and appreciate who we are and celebrate how far we’ve come so that we don’t forget ourselves while on the journey.

You are a wonderful person and you’ve been able to become the person that you are today because you never forgot yourself. So make sure you take some time out to treat yourself when you pass that exam that you’re going to have to study for – weeks in advance.

What would the feeling be like if you treat yourself each time you passed a course rather than waiting until you’re completely done with your degree? How would that football team feel if they were able to go to that same venue after they won their first game?

Treat each step like the intended destination and you wouldn’t regret it at all when you reach. The most important thing is that you won’t forget yourself on the journey too.

Thank you.



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