Great short read! 3 mins max.

Are we really?
The term “this generation is incomparable to the last” or that “this generation is finished” are ones that are often used by our parents, aunts, uncles or grandparents. Do you believe the terms below are true? Please elaborate.
**Disclaimer: I find myself to be saying those things too. Hypocrite, right?”

According to a variety of sources, Millennials are folks just like myself who were born between the early eighties and 2000s. That’s the generation I’m referring to above. It’s the one that I fall under. You may also fall under it too.
In many instances, we may see that they are some things we just aren’t able to match up with as it relates to the folks who came before us. At times when we watch the news or scroll down social media we may think that there isn’t no more hope left for our peers or us. There is though, a lot of it too.

That “HOPE” begins with you!


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