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Many people are who they are today because of someone else’s story or their own that encouraged and inspired them to go after it and get it. There are a lot of stories out there that changed many lives and there are some that moved the life of just one person. Here at The Inspirational Factory, I hope that I’d get a chance to do the same.

I’m interested in helping individuals in the simplest ways as it pertains development, inspiration and courage. At this moment, The Inspirational Factory is only a blog site that will focus on a diaspora of things ranging from challenges that millennials face today to fascinating and exciting thoughts, ideas, and comments.

There are questions that we must ask ourselves every day. The thought of who we are and what we can do on this earth ought to be considered. We must know and always remember that we are unique in our own ways. You were created in God’s image, whether you believe it or not.

As I attempt to become a more advanced writer, I’d hope that you would assist me by reading my posts and sharing yours thoughts about them too. The way you can help is by reading, sharing and commenting on the pieces that will come in the future that you find to be interesting. If you see the need to share something you read here with someone elsewhere, then do that  – Please.


Great short read! 3 mins max.

Are we really?
The term “this generation is incomparable to the last” or that “this generation is finished” are ones that are often used by our parents, aunts, uncles or grandparents. Do you believe the terms below are true? Please elaborate.
**Disclaimer: I find myself to be saying those things too. Hypocrite, right?”

According to a variety of sources, Millennials are folks just like myself who were born between the early eighties and 2000s. That’s the generation I’m referring to above. It’s the one that I fall under. You may also fall under it too.
In many instances, we may see that they are some things we just aren’t able to match up with as it relates to the folks who came before us. At times when we watch the news or scroll down social media we may think that there isn’t no more hope left for our peers or us. There is though, a lot of it too.

That “HOPE” begins with you!

I SPEAK Creole, NOT Haitian!

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The true meaning behind the history of a nation can only be shared by the folks who were actually affected by it directly but there is only so much I can share since the impact isn’t as significant as supposed to others.
I was born to a Haitian immigrant and a Bahamian of Haitian Decent. I’ve always been confined to and raised within and by the standards and beliefs of my ancestors. I was brought up in a culture that holds so many richness like every other culture too. I was disciplined under and by a Haitian household standard. Like many other Bahamians, Americans etc of Haitian decent, I was teased and taunted too.
The history of Haiti is long, significant and authentic. There are rumors, lies, unconfirmed speculations and a lack of knowledge that seems to degrade its TRUE meaning.
Haiti have been facing economic challenges in many of its parts. The country’s value has been oppressed and contested. Even though that island nation in the Caribbean has had to deal with natural disasters, alleged political abuse, economic instability and high cases of health situations and mortality rates, it has still did it’s best to stand strong and hold firm to it’s belief, meaning and authenticity.
An estimated amount of at-least 500 Haitians take dangerous and risky trips to other nations illegally to sought a better and more sustainable life. The Bahamas is usually the country that ends up with a lot each year. The U.S. and many other countries sees an influx of migrants too.
As Haiti continues its rebuilding efforts and tries to bring back its economy to a reasonable state with a new government, I would sincerely hope that my home country of The Bahamas, The U.S.,  Canada, Brazil and other nations alike, give the citizens of my ancestral nation a chance to possibly live a better life in their country even if its temporarily.  In the U.S. is currently, a lot of Haitians are waiting desperately to see what President Trump’s advice would be to DHS as far as the TPS program is concerned. The Temporary Protected Status Program was launched to assist Haiti with its relief efforts as a result of the devastating Earthquake that took place a few years ago.
In the Bahamas, Haitians of Bahamian decent wait anxiously to see what the new governing party might suggest as it relates to the hundreds of Haitians that currently reside there legally or illegally and children who were born in that island nation to Haitian Parent(s).
I’m hoping though that the new government that was elected in the Bahamas, implement some sort of reasonable program or plan to aid my Haitian brothers and sisters. I seriously hope and wish that they have sympathy for the children who were not in control of their lives and where they were born and the choices of their Parent(s).

As activities, celebrations and events continues throughout the streets and cities, I hope you know that these are a set of individuals who are celebrating their Freedom, Courage and Bravery. In the U.S., there are events that takes place to celebrate and commemorate the Bahamian culture. In the Bahamas, the American way of life and independence is celebrated too. What about Haiti? The thought of “Haitians taking over the country” is complex and unrealistic.

De kat de nan mond lan!

Word of the week: Hope


Hope is the thing that has always made me know that, even though a situation might not turn out as planned – it would turn out in my best interest. It takes a lot to believe in Hope. It requires some sense of faith too because I believe that those two go hand in hand with each other.

As you tackle today, the rest of this week and month or year – I hope you still know that there is always hope and you must know that it is important to believe that anything is possible even when it seems as though that it is not.

I ‘hope’ you enjoy your week!


Keep Trying! 

We were all given the same amount of strength at birth. There are some people who came into contact with circumstances that seemed difficult and horrible. In the midst of all that, it is always important for you to still keep trying.

You might think that the video that is associated with this post is irrelevant but if you really look at it – although the duck barely made it off of the surface of the water, he still kept flopping his wings.

It’s important for you to know that you should flop your wings so that you can see where that effort might just take you. You must also know that as you “flop” your wings, people will laugh, tease, judge or hate on you but it’s a part of the journey.

I have short and long term goals that I have to conquer in order for me to see my visions become a reality. Some of these are difficult to conquer and some has caused me to think about wanting to give up on that goal specifically but I kept trying and will continue to do so. I didn’t do the same thing I did the first time though. I changed it up a bit the second time and if there were to be a third time – I would take a complete 360-degree approach towards it. I kept trying and I will continue to do so because I know what I want and I know what I need to do to get there.

You should sit back and think about what it is that sparks your interest or passion in something – then pursue it. You should know that it will be hard and difficult but anything that is difficult to obtain is very hard to be taken away from you. No one can tell that duck that he or she is not going to get off of that surface because as you can see, it knows that it has the capability to do so and so does you. You should keep trying too.




Thought of the week.

“You always learn a lot more when you lose than when you win.”
~ African proverb

It is pretty clear that in order for you to see value in something – working hard for it is necessary. It is also obvious that lessons can seem more reasonable when we fall ‘victim’ rather than being the victor.

I hope that as you take on this week, you know that even though things might not turn out as planned – that Jesus still loves you and that you are still a unique person.

Have a great week!


My beloved Bahamas


I remember playing in the streets of Pine Dale in Eight Mile Rock (A community that is on the outskirts of the City of Freeport on the Island of Grand Bahama – The Bahamas) – from sunrise until sunset. The plan and goal were to get home before the lights came on or before I hear the phrase ‘Johnnie coming’ or ‘Gade, Fre Jonathan ap vini.’ Only a very few but many know what I’m talking about.

Growing up in the Bahamas, I have experienced my fair share of what it means to encounter the interesting phases that were associated with that experience. Living on an Island made it easier for people to find out who I was when I did something wrong – I was a good kid. The island life for me when I was growing up was the true definition of “a village raising a child.” It did raise this young man very well and thanks to all of you and tell your parents Thank you too. The people I am referring to know who they are.
Although I lived on an Island, it felt as though that I lived in a HUGE country when I had to move to another neighborhood ‘literally’ 3 minutes away called, Hanna Hill ‘aka’ Suzie Corner. The feeling was huge because the people I grew up around weren’t next door anymore. My childhood best friend(s) who I saw and played with every day – weren’t around no more, friendships dismantled as a result. Getting accustomed to this new and busy neighborhood was a joke compared to when I had to adapt to another country’s culture, its history and laws. It has been a fun and meaningful ride so far. I’m confident that the rest of it will be impactful too.

I had the privilege of completing my Primary School education at one of the best Primary Schools on the Island – more like the nation itself. Bartlett Hill was one of the most vibrant and interesting Primary Schools. Being given the opportunity to complete my High School education in America was always a dream of mine and it came through. The thought of a College degree didn’t seem very clear for a little boy roaming the wonderful shores of a great country but it became a reality once an opportunity presented itself. I’m known for seeking and executing each and every opportunity that I see potential in.

Many wonder sometimes, what is it that has caused me to be the ‘humble’ young man that I am today? The way people describe me and my demeanor are considered fair most of the times and “very” inaccurate sometimes too, but I can’t control your thoughts.
When a person loses their parents, it transforms their perspective on life. It doesn’t matter how young or old they are nor those it matters if they have another parent or step-parent. A parent to a child is like, butter to bread – the two of them would prefer to be connected to each other so that the can work well together. My mother and father were the two slices of bread, I – the butter.
When a child witnesses death at a young age, things can usually take a 360-degree turn in their life as a result. It was more like a 360-degree x10 for me.  This experience has been the one that has shaped and molded me into the person that I am today. It made me realize how precious life is. It gave me the opportunity to love and meet some people that I probably would’ve never met. It has caused me to love my stepmother even better, my brothers and sisters – the same way too. I’m very grateful for the people that took risks with me. I want to encourage and motivate you to love and appreciate your parent(s). It is always great when you take time out to talk to them and pull wisdom from their minds, please don’t let them leave with all that wisdom

This article/post has been one of my ‘personal’ best. This is the first one where I actually gave an in-depth scope to my life.
It is my intent to give you an opportunity to see life through my lenses. ‘I have lenses for real.’ ‘No, like for real…the eye doctor tell me say I have to wear glasses – he mix up aye?’


P.S. the Bahamas is and will forever be my home no matter what. The sound of the waves busting the limestone rocks is one that I enjoyed so much. The sight of the clear blue seas made me fall in love with the beautiful beaches. The fresh conch salad and crack conch was and still is a genuine cuisine that I would eat anytime, anywhere with anyone.

Like Buddy say, “242 to da world.”

Dear my fellow young Adults,

This is an introductory phase to the Young Adults brand.

I come before you on this precious day. I want to start by telling you that you should continue reading this post because you might get something great out of it rather than just scrolling down facebook with no specific intent.
Today is a very historic day, The U.S. will be undergoing its final transition phase and President Trump will take over…Please keep reading! The focus of this post isn’t  politics – I promise!
The place(The Bahamas), I call my home is undergoing an electrifying pre-election season and things are heating up. Who will be in charge of the ‘242’ for the next five years?

I write to you on the 20th day in the year 2017, because I care about you and the person that you are. I am not and will not be affected directly by the decisions you make or the opinions you possess – but I know that as a fellow human being, it is my mandate to assist you in the best way that I can. As you can see, I am not rich, so I can’t write you a check – for school or those expensive textbooks. Yeah, I know! Sharing my thoughts with you is the best that I can do.

I realized that as the year 2016 came to an end there were many individuals saying that 2017 will be their year and how they were going to leave the things, people and drama behind as the New Year came about. What adjustments have you started considering to make this come to light?

If you did or didn’t, It is not my responsibility to judge or critic you because I don’t pay your bills.  Although you don’t need my applause to know that you are a wonderful and aspiring young person – I still want to congratulate you on the effort you’ve been making so far – if any. But if you didn’t, please consider doing so as soon as you can. It will give you the ability to “free” yourself of all of the unnecessary things that might be taking up your time – it is precious and cannot be reversed, exchanged, translated or recovered. Make the most out of it! You know what the things are, you know what people I am referring to and you know what places I’m talking about. Unless you’re getting something “good” from it or them – something positive and not against your morals, I mean – let it or them go.

I hope that my fellow young Bahamians get out and register to vote. To the young American people, as you experience this new shift in your country – what shifts are you going to make so that you can uphold its laws and history. The party or person in power shouldn’t determine that for you – I hope. …and no, I am not PLP, FNM, neither DNA nor Republican or a Democrat.

It is not politics that’s going to determine your fate or the ability that you know you possess. The opportunity that you’re waiting on won’t come unless you go and take it head on because the groups I mentioned above won’t be the one to do that for you. People will not always be there to ‘always’ cheer you on and be on the sidelines all the time. Mom and Dad either. You will, though – so, What will you do?

Thank you for your time.

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